Thursday, July 11, 2013

An article in the Deerfield Review

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       District 109 wants parents to rate services

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Superintendent Mike Lubelfeld visits a second grade classroom [at Pennoyer School in Norridge] while they learn to use iPads. | Rob Hart~Sun-Times Media

DEERFIELD — Public Schools District 109 wants to know how well it’s providing services and communicating with district residents.

The district has hired Hanover Research to survey parents and community members on its performance and potential improvement in communicating and partnering with parents and the community.
Surveys must be completed online by July 26 at
“The school district has been, is and will continue to be very interested in hearing from all stakeholders,” Superintendent Michael Lubelfeld said. “That includes people with children in the schools, people who used to have children in schools, people who don’t have children in schools and businesses.”
District 109 elected to conduct the survey to expand on information collected in the Illinois 5Essentials Survey, which was offered to every district in the state.

“We wanted to tailor our survey a little more to our school district,” Lubelfeld said. “We want to find specifically how our community feels about our performance. We’re going to continue to work with them and improve.”

The Hanover survey, which was initiated under recently retired Superintendent Renee Goier, is just the first in a series of ongoing events District 109 will use to gauge public opinion in 2013-14, he said.
During the coming school year, the district plans to schedule town hall meetings to let members of the public voice their input, concerns and insights, Lubelfeld said.

“The survey is one part of what will be a continuous process to find out what’s going on and commenting on what we do on behalf of children everyday,” he said.

Survey respondents can expect to answer questions relating to their perception of the “type of customer service we provide,” Lubelfeld said. They will also be asked to rate the quality of the service on a scale, he said.

“For example, a question may asked about how satisfied they are with the information received from the district,” Lubelfeld said. “Then they get to rate it according to how much they like it.”

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