Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Construction in the District

A picture of a new ceiling mounted air conditioning unit with a cover (part of a huge air quality construction project)
This summer is a busy time for the Department of Buildings & Grounds at DPS 109!! Director of Buildings & Grounds Steve Kenesie is working very hard (as usual) on all of the routine projects and upkeep of the school district facilities; and this summer he is even busier than usual with a huge air quality construction project!

As approved by the School Board in January 2013, the  District aims to air condition all six schools over two summers. This summer work is being done at South Park, Wilmot, and Shepard schools.

Work is being done inside and outside the schools to increase electrical capacity, air quality and air flow, and overall instructional space improvements.

We expect that all three schools will be ready for operation next month, in time for the start of school! An update for the community will take place at the July 22, 2013, Board meeting. Thank you to Steve, his crews, and the construction workers for all of their hard work!

You might notice some work and materials present at the other schools. This is due to the fact that while we have cranes in the district, and while we have work crews, it is more economical and fiscally responsible to "hoist" the units on the rooftops now and complete the construction at a later date.

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