Sunday, July 7, 2013

Welcome to the blog of the DPS109 Superintendent!

Welcome to the "new" blog for the "new" superintendent of the Deerfield Public Schools.

Communication is an evolving process reflective of the needs of the community, and as such, this blog and the district's methods of communication - pushing and pulling - speaking and listening - are likely going to change and evolve as a result of needs and actions of the district and the superintendent's office. I welcome and encourage your comments and input!

I am grateful to be a part of the educational system and the community! I am grateful to work with an outstanding group of educators, community members, parents, students, etc. I am grateful to learn and grow and support the learning and growth of others as the chief educational leader in the community!

This year we'll embark on some initiatives that will involve listening and reviewing and researching and acting in the best interests of the students and the school district. I encourage you to check the district's website and attend and/or read about board meetings.

This year we'll communicate via the website, via blogs like this, via Twitter and Facebook, via surveys and phone calls, and of course via personal, face to face communication one on one and in group settings, like in a Town Hall Meeting.

Happy Summer and Thank you for your support of the Deerfield Public Schools!

If you have not done so already, please check out the Strategic Plan for the school district.

Provide educational experiences of the highest quality that engage, inspire and empower each student to excel and contribute in a changing world.
District 109 students will excel and contribute when they have the knowledge and skills to be: 
• Lifelong, self-directed learners
• Critical and creative thinkers
• Effective communicators
• Collaborative team members

• Respectful and responsible members of society


  1. Welcome! Blogging is a great way to develop an open dialogue with the community. I look forward to reading your posts and participating in the online discussion.